Hindi hot story-My hot girlfriend

Hindi hot story

Hindi hot story We been dating just a few weeks now. We never slept with each other but kiss and hug. She 26 yrs old with sexy curvy body. One night she tell me to come over, it’s raining hard. I got there, she open the door and she was wearing long white T-shirt smile at me.

Hindi hot story We hug and kiss, I close the door and she hug me, kiss me. She took my hand and take me to the couch and we sat down. She brought beer and snack. We drank and watch movies. I can hear lightning and thunder, rain coming down hard.

She move closer to me, lean her head on my chest, I put my hand around her and running my hand on her side and ass. I kiss her on her head and chick, she turn and look at me, I lean down and kiss her. I feel her tongue inside my mouth and our tongue touch. I suck on her juicy lip.  I move my hand inside her shirt and feeling on her skin.

Hindi hot story Move up and grab her boob, she grab on my hand, look at me, kiss me neck and moan solfly. I squeeze her boob ahhhh, she bite solfly on my lip and suck on my tongue. She got up, sat on my, kiss with passion. I lift her shirt up, she look, I lift her shirt off. I see her beautiful boob, I kiss and suck on her nipple. Ahhhhhhh she moan, she lean back while I’m sucking on her boob.

Hindi hot story I squeeze on it, I kiss her neck and pull her close to me. We kiss, she moving her hip slowly and she kiss me. I’m start to get harder and she feel my dick poking her. She look and move her hand down and feel on my dick. Ahhhhh she grab on it and start stoking it. She got up and unzip my pant and look at me with her sexy eyes. She rub on it and kiss my stomach. I lean back, she grab it and pull it out. She feel on it, wrap her hand around and slowly stoking it.

My juice was leaking out, she touch the head and wipe the juice off. Ahhh baby I said, you sooo sexy. She stoke it up and down, I look at her and she look at me, I touch her lip and feel her face. She massage my ball with other hand. My juice came out, she stoke faster, ahhhhhhh ahhhh baby. I lean back, then I feel her lip kiss my head of dick and feel her tongue licking around the head. Ohhhhh ahhh I moan.

She suck on the tip, and move in. She wrap her lip around the head and suck on it. She rub her tongue around the tip ahhhh baby. She stoke slowly and I put my hand on her head. I hold her hair an we look at each other and she kiss and suck on the head. She lick the juice and lick her lip. Ohhh baby, your juice taste good she said while she still stoking it. She look at me and stoking it, you my first that I suck with her sexy voice. Hindi hot story

You big for Asian guy she say solfly. She sit on my lap and we kiss. She whispered, my friends said you got small one. I look at her, she kiss me, who I ask? She kiss me, she whispered, that hoe friend of my. I put my hand on her face and push her back, who is your friend.

We not friend no more she said because she thinks I go behind her back and date you. They start rumors bout us. I look at her and she kiss me, baby I love you and I happy I’m with you. She kiss me and I look confused, she look at me, baby you mad?  No baby I just confused. You ok with this I ask. Then she told me she like me when I’m with her friend.

She see me upset but she make me forget what see say. She keep kissing me and stoking me. She kiss and move down slowly. She lick my ball and suck on it. Lick my shaft and start suck it. She put the whole in. She got up and slid it inside her. She move up and down slowly. Ahhhh ahhh baby she moan. We kiss and she bit my lip. She start got faster and rock on it. Ahhhh babyohhhh fuck. I suck on her nipple and suck on it. She move her hip slowly. I squeeze her ass and kiss. She got up and turn around and sat on me. She lean back while she rock. Ahhh ohhh.

I cumin I said, she got up and sat down, grab my dick and stoking it. She lick it and suck it. She look at me, I want it baby. She suck on the head while stoking it, then I exploded big load in her mouth. I stoke it and she lick on it. I slap my dick on her face and my cum still cumin out. She lick her lip and lick my head and suck on it. She show my load in her mouth and she swallowed it. She suck my dick and lick it clean. Hindi hot story

She lick her lip and kiss my dick. Hmmmm baby you almost drowned me she joked. Taste so good baby she say. She went clean up and came and sat on me. Hindi hot story

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